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Speak Your Mind


We believe in a world where everyone, everywhere has someone to turn to when their mental health needs support.

Speak Your Mind is about giving mental health a voice for action. We're calling on leaders to provide quality mental health care for all.

It's time for them to invest, educate, and empower now, for the future we need.


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For too long, mental health has been absent from where the conversations that shape people’s lives occur.

For too long, the reluctance to address global mental health has stopped so many people from realizing their dreams and achieving their full potential.

For too long, our governments have failed to hear the voices of people suffering needlessly because they are denied the support they need to manage their conditions – and thrive.

For too long, people with mental health conditions have been silenced.

No more.

People from 15 countries around the world have come together pledging to secure meaningful and urgent action from their governments, demanding they invest in our mental health.

Together, we pledge to hold health professionals, across all disciplines, accountable and responsible for ensuring their patients get the mental health care they need.

We call upon governments and societies to discuss mental health openly and plainly, to end the discrimination and stigma surrounding it.

We pledge to give the megaphone to those with first-hand experience of mental health need, rather than speak for them.

We pledge not to be quiet until our demands echo through the corridors of power and are reflected in how people live.

Together we will fight for a world where mental health is respected as an essential component of human health.

We will fight until leaders invest, educate, and empower our societies to end the silence around mental health and invest in ensuring we all have good mental health.


You may not think a single voice can make a difference, but together we can make ourselves heard.

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The new London cast of the Emmy-award winning Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen, officially opened a powerful new exhibition today showing the hopes and dreams lost to neglected mental health and suicide across the world.

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This World Mental Health Day, 10th of October, people around the world will be raising awareness of suicide prevention. To shine a light on the sobering statistic that every 40 seconds someone in our world dies by suicide, individuals and organisations are coming together to take 40 seconds of action. 

Both the Broadway production and North American touring cast of Dear Evan Hansen have already committed to taking action.

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