Launching our global mental health voice petition with Zak Williams, world leaders and activists

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We’re so excited to announce the launch of our global voice petition. We held a reception at the United Nations General Assembly to start this globe mental health movement and we were proud to have the support of leaders from around the world, the cast of Dear Evan Hansen, Zak Williams, Cynthia Germanotta, young activists and so many more.

“I’ve lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember… when my father died by suicide I was left to face demons more than ever before” - Mental Health, Zak Williams

World Health Organization statistics show that every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide and our #40seconds global voice petition is calling on leaders to do more for mental health.

We’re so excited that the voice petition has already been signed by actor, comedian and writer Stephen Fry, New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, Nigerian pop singer Korede Bello and many more passionate advocates worldwide.

Our launch marks the start of holding government leaders accountable for delivering on a declaration agreed at today’s UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage, which includes a historic commitment to improving mental health, establishing it as equally important to physical health for the first time. 

It was incredible to hear from Speak Your Mind campaigners on the powerful impact they are already having in their countries, this includes:

  • Tonga: Campaigners succeeded in getting the national mental health budget tripled and making mental health a key goal in the Tonga’s first National Youth Policy. 

  • Nigeria: More than 1700 young people came out to march for better mental health, including pop star Korede Bello. 

  • New Zealand: Campaigner Jazz Thornton who works closely with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on suicide prevention and involving people with mental health conditions in the decisions that affect them.

“Speak Your Mind campaigners have told us loud and clear that it's time for a global mental health revolution. Leaders must listen to them, respect them as changemakers and keep them at the table when deciding how to achieve mental health for all.” - Cynthia Germanotta

The cast of Dear Evan Hansen, which explores teenage mental health and suicide, also gave their first-ever performance outside of a theatre, on the lawn at the United Nations. A powerful moment in showing the global dedication to mental health.

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