Speak Your Mind partner, HSBC announces global mental health education programme for 238,000 employees

Proud to announce that our Title Sponsor, HSBC has launched a global mental health education programme, accessible to their 238,000 employees, across 65 markets, in an ambitious move to open up the conversation about mental health in the workplace. 

As well as HSBC’s support of the Speak Your Mind campaign, their programme was announced at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers event in New York today as part of our Goalkeepers Accelerator on mental health.

Goalkeepers Accelerators bring together partners from different sectors around common agendas for action, seeking to catalyse investments, expertise, and innovation to drive further progress towards the Global Goals.

“For too long mental health has been neglected, and now is the time for action on a global scale. So we’re delighted that for the first time mental health has been selected as one of the key issues in need of greater acceleration around the world at this year’s Goalkeepers event.” - Elisha London, Founder and CEO of United for Global Mental Health

HSBC’s global employee survey statistics show that only 58% of HSBC’s people feel confident discussing mental health issues with their manager. 

The programme has grown out of a conversation started by its employees, who said they want to be able to talk more openly about mental health and is aimed at helping employees identify signs of poor mental health, and equipping them with the information and tools to help other colleagues where necessary.

“We’re working with Speak Your Mind because we want to reduce stigma around mental health and encourage a more open dialogue, especially in the communities the bank serves. We believe that workplace well-being is a critical part of this, and so we want to listen, learn and share our findings with other employers as we go.” - Noel Quinn, HSBC Group Chief Executive

HSBC have brought together colleagues with lived experiences of mental ill health and a coalition of HSBC senior leaders from across the world to raise awareness of the issues and encourage a more open dialogue.  

HSBC mental health ambassadors, Lil & Victor at the Speak Your Mind reception at United Nations General Assembly

HSBC mental health ambassadors, Lil & Victor at the Speak Your Mind reception at United Nations General Assembly