Pledge to Speak Your Mind

Do you want to
speak up for everyone's
mental health?
To keep in touch, please pledge to speak your mind and we will update you as the campaign progresses.
There is one campaign coalition in each country, please look at our country list to see if Speak Your Mind is active in your country and see how you can support them. Contact us for more information if you are interested in being connected with your local national campaign teams.


If there is no campaign coalition in your country, consider being part of setting one up.

If you would like to start the Speak Your Mind campaign in your country, please consider the requirements for officially establishing a Speak Your Mind campaign team. Key considerations include:

1. Confirm one 'lead' campaign organisation - a civil society organisation with experience leading national mental health advocacy (or a mental health organisation that wants to increase their work on advocacy). The organisation needs to already be a nationally registered civil society organisation.

2. A desire to be part of a ‘ nationally driven, and globally united campaign’: by joining Speak Your Mind and leading a country campaign you are committing to also being part of a global movement will help achieve progress in your country.

3. Commit to working with others - Speak Your Mind campaigns have a coalition structure. We recommend a minimum of two to three organisations committed to building and leading the campaign in a country. For example, many of our campaign teams consist of one or two local mental health organisations, a media/communications organisation, a funding organisation, and/or an influencer or celebrity). Some Speak Your Mind campaigns are run by previously established national mental health advocacy coalitions that chose to join SYM to help amplify their work nationally and internationally.

4. Agreement to adhere to the Partnership Guidelines (available for interested organisations)

If you meet these requirements and would like to discuss, please contact us with information on your organisation at