People from 15 countries around the world have come together pledging to secure meaningful and urgent action from their governments, demanding they invest in mental health.

This moment has been a long time in the making. Our aims and activities were collectively decided in Johannesburg, South Africa in January of this year, where inspiring lived experience advocates, NGO reps, creatives and strategic partners from 14 countries came together.

We’re a diverse group from all income levels and regions, with participating countries ranging from the tiny island nation of Tonga to countries with huge populations like India and the US as well as countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone, which have overcome both civil war and Ebola epidemics in recent decades.

We’re strengthened as a campaign by our shared appreciation that we all have more to learn and each one of us has so much to teach.

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People from across the world met in Johannesburg, South Africa to establish a plan for what has become the Speak Your Mind campaign.

With 15 countries leading the way and plans to involve campaigners and people with lived experience from Spanish and French speaking countries later in 2019, our global campaign team continues to grow!

We’re privileged to have a number of partners supporting our work globally and we’re delighted to have backing from influential individuals.

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Meet the inspiring campaigners taking to the megaphone to lead the

campaign around the world.

Each month our CEO Elisha London will be in conversation with people whose lives have been touched by mental health, people who have dedicated their lives to campaigning and advocacy and mental health experts in the field.

Recent news

Our global #SpeakYourMind campaign is building momentum, and today we’re excited to announce the opening of a powerful pop-up exhibition on World Mental Health Day next month.

The Museum of Lost and Found Potential, created by Speak Your Mind in partnership with HSBC, will open its doors to the public in London’s Covent Garden from 10th to 15th October. The museum reveals the stark and powerful picture of human potential that is lost globally to people, families, communities, businesses and society due to neglected mental health and suicide.

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Today, on World Suicide Prevention Day, WHO and others offer a message of hope by demonstrating that suicide is preventable. The global mental health community is coming together to encourage action through #40seconds in a number of ways.

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